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Kings of the Sand is one Crazy awesome, leg pumping, heart wrenching Obstacle and Sand assault course. Designed by some BADASS, hardcore, Chuck Norris loving maniacs to separate the Strong from the Weak, the Tough from the Soft and Make Champions out of the dedicated and Hardworking Nutters out there! >>>>You know who you are!!

Make no Mistake!! This will challenge you physically and mentally and your going to have to use every inch of your Strength, Stamina, and Sheer Determination to Survive 7km of Sandy Hell!!!

It’s a Battle of the sexes to see which Gender can really prove their worth. *Are there any Men who truly believe they could be Spartans the descendants of Hercules?? *Are there any Female Challengers who believe they have the blood of an Amazonian Goddess pumping through their veins??

If you have tried adventure races, mud runs, tough guy races and other obstacle courses before, then it’s time for you to step up and be part of this phenomenon, in what is standing to become the most enticing, adrenalin pumping workout of your life!!

Why should I enter??

Well you have the choice and the power to decide to either keep leading your dull, mind numbing, pitiful excuse of a life, constantly updating your Facebook Status, OR you can choose to toughen up and SAY NO!

No I will NOT become an insane useless zombie
No I will NOT be called a boring has been who has lived their life
No I am NOT a scared little weasel who hides from the challenge
No More will I choose to lay down and become Weak
I am NOT SCARED to enter this Obstacle race
YES I am Strong! YES I am determined! YES my life means something and YES I will smash this course back to the ancient Spartan Arena!!!!

Sign me up NOW!!!


Event Date:   TBA - 2014

Location: Lucas Reserve, Wanda Beach, Cronulla, NSW

Event details and prices here.


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